Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Fun!

The spray park here is a really fun, FREE, place for kids to get wet. We love to go there. There are all kinds of ways to splish, splash, and spray. There are always lots of kids there, but it never seems too crowded. My only complaint is the lack of shade for the parents. There are plenty of benches, but you are sitting in direct, HOT sun. I have to go get my legs and arms wet to be able to stand it more than 5 minutes. I am not sure Heidi really enjoyed it much. She liked to watch all the kids have fun, but I had to get her wet to make sure she wasn't getting too hot. She complained a little about that. I slathered sunscreen on everyone, I sure love the smell of that stuff. No one was very happy to leave (besides me). At least we can go there often!

The kids after the fun.

Heidi in her new swimsuit

Another shot of chubby, sweet Heidi

I can't stop taking pictures of her!

Cutie Christian, he loved it this year.

Megan and Ethan getting Heidi wet

Click on the picture to enlarge it and see if you can find my kids :)

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Liz said...

We love that place, too!