Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I caught Heidi's first REAL giggle on camera! How lucky was that??? We had made some videos for family night and I happened to have the camera right next to me. Here she is...

Monday, January 19, 2009

My very bad day.

I wanted to write this day down in a journal so if I ever think I am having a bad day, I can read about this day and know my day is probably going a lot better than I thought. Problem is, I don't have a journal at the moment, so I am going to put it on here so I won't forget details. And, you can see what a horrible day I had.

It started out like a normal Wednesday. I got up and got the kids to school and then started cleaning/reading/watching tv/nursing a baby/and POTTY TRAINING. I needed to get ready for playgroup which started at 10:30, but I was nursing Heidi, so I had to wait to shower until I got her asleep or settled. Then, Christian pooped a little and peed a lot in his pants. I hate poop in underwear! It wasn't gross enough for me to throw them away, so I started them soaking in hot water in the wash machine. I was heading for the shower. Heidi cries. I go check on her and she is poopy. Ok, so 2 poops down, now maybe I can shower. Nope. Christian pooped and peed his underwear again. DANG! how frustrating. So I know he needs to have a big poop, and the kid holds it in and won't go and it builds up and then he can't get it out. So I brought him into the bathroom and made him sit on the potty. I go start the washer because all his pants are now soiled. I go back to the bathroom and read to him some Franklin books. Ten minutes later, he still hasn't gone, so I get out the suppositories. He HATES them! He started crying as soon as he saw them and yelled, "put them back! put them back!" I made him bend over so I could insert it and then sat him back on the pot. I keep reading these same 3 books over and over. He tries to go a couple times, I can tell he is trying, but nothing happens and he is crying. I feel sorry for the little guy, I know how frustrating that can be. Well, we sit there for at least 30 more minutes and then he exclaims, "I did it mom! I pooped!" I look into the toilet and what do I see? Poop? No. It is the suppository. Now what? I applauded his minute victory, and let him off the toilet. Let's see, what time is it. 11:00. I am late for playgroup. Heidi is crying and has been for a few minutes so I leave her in the swing and take a rapid shower. I am still trying to get to playgroup, I need adult interaction! I get out of the shower and put the clothes in the dryer and go get Heidi and nurse her. By the way, Christian is in a pull up now, to heck with underwear today(2 poop and 2 pee accidents are enough)! Now it is 11:30 and I guess I am not going to playgroup. No one is dressed still, not to mention, I am a little put out with kids already. I got Christian down for a nap and then try to relax a little before the big kids get home. Too bad Heidi wasn't going to nap. I did enjoy holding and talking to her though. Also, as a side note, I am having serious stress issues going on so I am pondering those this whole time. Namely maybe moving and taking Megan out of gymnastics. The kids get home from school and I get Megan ready for gym and we head out the door. When I get to gymnastics, the coach begs me not to take Megan out and tells me how great she is which is all very flattering, but we have pretty much made the decision to take her out and maybe she can start again later. Then I sell Megan's expensive warm up suit to a girl who just joined the team and of course I cry my eyes out. It is super hard to give it up. I am really depressed by this point and we head home. It is a little after 5 when we get home and I call Jared to see if he is on his way home and naturally he is going to stay late. Great. I start dinner. Potato soup. If I ever needed comfort food, it is now. I lay Heidi on her play mat and start chopping veggies and bacon. I start the bacon cooking. Christian comes in and says he is poopy. ARG! (I had put him in underwear again...STUPID ME!) So I get him cleaned up, my bacon still is cooking and Heidi begins to fuss. I tell him to go get a pull up on, he can do that on his own, I don't want the bacon to burn. I continue cooking and add the veggies to cook with the bacon(Christian comes in the kitchen with no pull up on and I yelled at him to get one on.) Heidi starts to cry. I can't hold her while I cook, there is splattering going on and it is just dangerous in general, right? So I have to just hurry and ignore her the time being. Then here comes Christian. He still has no pull up on and now he says he is poopy!!! CRAP!!! I look at his booty and there is a little turd stuck to it. I run him to the bathroom and sit him on the pot. I run back to the kitchen, passing my poor crying baby who I am longing to hold and comfort, and I continue cooking. It was almost time to put the potatoes in and water which is when I can leave the pot unattended and tend to my baby girl. I get the soup going and I go check on Christian. My plan was to make him sit there while I nurse Heidi, she is now screaming. When I walk in the bathroom, I see him trying to wipe his own butt. His hands are covered in poop. I feel defeated. Now what!? I try scrubbing his hands. The poop won't come off. Ok. Bath time a little earlier in the evening than planned. I start the water and get both boys in. I call Jared and ask when I can expect him. He says he will pick Megan up from gymnastics. Phew, a little stress gone. I go and pick up my sweet baby and nurse her finally. It was probably the best time of the whole day. She probably cried a good 30 minutes, poor thing. The soup is simmering nicely, the boys are in the bath, and my husband is picking up my daughter and coming home. Everything seems like it will be alright. Heidi is satisfied and I put her in the swing so I can get the boys out of the bath. I wash them and get them out and tell Ethan to go get jammies on. I am getting a pull up on Christian when Ethan comes out and tells me that there is poop on the floor in his room. Oh my gosh, I never even thought to check since it was stuck to his booty earlier, I thought that was all there was. I walk in the room and there on the floor is a huge 8 inch long turd. Wow. I start crying. I go get a walmart sack and some paper towels and wet wipes and clean up the mess all the while crying to Christian, why couldn't you do that on the potty??? Now I am really defeated. Well, Jared gets home with Megan and we all eat dinner, it was good. Then Jared's phone rings. He has another job to go to during the night. Great. I am glad for the work, but I could have used him home a little more after this day. Jared gets the boys in bed while I nurse Heidi and help Megan with her spelling. She also has math so Jared makes up a times test for her and starts timing her doing it. It is 9 pm. I tell him I could really use a blizzard from DQ, it is 2 minutes from the house and I ask him to get me one. He started yelling and saying he has to get some sleep since he has to go during the night and I don't respect his sleep and blah blah blah. I cry again. It will take less than 10 minutes. He quits talking to me and continues timing megan, not getting the sleep he yelled at me about. He is watching his watch. I tell him I could do that. I can help her with her homework. He continues on watching the watch, still not getting his precious sleep. Finally the homework is done and put away and he tucks her into bed and walks out of her room. It is 10:02. Jared says to me, "Now what do you want from Dairy Queen?" I look at him and say, "It closed 2 minutes ago." He went to sleep. I wanted to smack him so bad. I got Heidi to bed and went and poured some chocolate syrup on a banana. I needed a treat after this day from hell.

side note- Jared is usually not like that, he gets me a treat if I really want one and he is such a great helper when he is home. maybe i just needed a banana this day for some reason lol!

Monday, January 12, 2009

2 months old!

I can't believe Heidi is already 2 months old. She is growing so fast! She weighed 11 lbs 11 oz at her check up. She smiles so much and we love it! I couldn't get her to smile for the camera, she just stares at it in amazement. I took a little video of her, she is so cute.... I think you can hear my other kids in the background talking. lol Heidi loves to lay under these toys and kick her legs like crazy and talk. She is such a JOY!