Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!!!

Wow, the first day of school finally came and it was a great day. I was so nervous for Ethan, I guess because he is so sweet and passive and in his own little world. He really did great and he likes his class and teacher. There is a little girl from church in his class. Megan was really excited and she gets to be on the 2nd floor... A BIG deal.

The first day of school breakfast... eggs and toast. I doubt they will get this very often unless they eat at school for breakfast. I am going to try to get them eating at the school. It is FREE! Can't beat that.

Outside the house, I am so glad we live across the street!

Sweeties walking to school. Aren't they cute?

Christian, too, backpack and all. He doesn't start preschool until next week!

Ethan outside his classroom.

How fun, they got to start the day with playdough!

Megan outside her 3rd grade classroom.

Sitting at her desk, ready to start. I am so excited for her. She loves school.

At the end of the day, I walked up to the school to get them. They had lots to say about their first day. It was fun to hear about. I am glad they had a fun day. We had to hurry after school to get Megan ready for gymnastics and we went to get icecream at Braums before she had to be there. It was a great first day of school treat.

Happy Birthday MEGAN!

Megan's birthday was last the 15th and we were having her baptism the next day, but I still wanted her to have a little get together with her girlfriends. We had over Amy, Macey, Anna, and Miranda. They had a great time!

Baptism Day!

Megan's baptism was so special. I couldn't stop tearing up. Karalee gave the neatest talk on baptism, I loved it! Megan sang a song called "When I am baptized" while Jared played the guitar. I was so nervous for her, but she did such a great job. When she was baptized, she had to get dunked twice, the first time her elbow was sticking out of the water. It was so neat! I am so proud of her for getting baptized. Heather gave a heartfelt talk on the Holy Ghost and got me all teary again and then Megan was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. Josie and Dawn gave great prayers and Megan's Grandma Walters played the piano. Thanks for conducting, Brad! It was so special. I only wish there was some cake leftover afterwards :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Great to be 8!!

I took Megan to get her pictures made in her baptism dress. Her Aunt Aurora made it and she did a wonderful job. Megan is getting baptised on Saturday. The pictures are grainy, but you can still see how pretty she is...

bad example

I don't iron. I just don't like it and I really don't know how. I rely on downy wrinkle releaser. I try to only buy clothes that don't get wrinkly. When I do have to iron something, I am too lazy to get out the ironing board and I fold up a towel and put it under whatever I am ironing and that works for me usually. I realize I might have to break out the ironing board more often for my daughter's sake. We were walking through wally world the other day and we walked past the ironing boards and meg said, "Look at those cool surf boards, Mom!" I about died laughing. It was hilarious and a bit embarassing.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

smart and funny kids!

Megan got skates for her birthday from her grandma, and I guess Ethan thought they were pretty cool and wanted some of his own. Instead of asking for some, he MADE his own!!! He got some lego train pieces and tied them on the bottoms of his shoes and skated around the kitchen! I was laughing so hard! I think it is pretty smart of him to think of that. My neighbor, Marlen in Houston, gave Ethan this catapillar tractor thing for Christmas and it plays music. Ethan did this funny dance to it when he got it and we have it on video (I will load later maybe). I was going through some boxes and Christian found the tractor and figured out how to play the music on it and he does a funny dance to it, too. Check it out....