Thursday, May 24, 2012


Christian is so funny to be around. He is not shy and loves to talk. I have a few little moments to share...
Recently Jared took the boys camping with Ethan's cub scout group. One of the leaders asked Christian if he was going to join cub scouts next year. He replied, "Yeah, I'm tired of being a sibling." So cute! He cracks me up.
Last night Christian brought me a chocolate Easter bunny and asked if he could eat it. I told him yes. Well I guess he went into the kitchen and got a Cutco knife to open the package. Next thing I know he walks up to me with blood covering his arm from his fingers down to his elbow. Not crying, just said, "mom, I'm bleeding." Of course I freak out and Jared helps him to the bathroom. So glad he was there! We couldn't tell if he needed stitches so we took him to the urgent care. Christian was really brave. He never cried, but he did make noises that seemed very similar to the ones I'm sure came out of me when in labor! I was really sad he had to go through that and even though I was close to vomiting the whole time, I stayed by his side. Jared offered to take my place, but I needed to be there for my baby. Anyway, when we were all done and Christian was bandaged up, the doctor asked him if he learned anything. Christian said yes, that knives are really sharp! Hopefully he remembers that next time he wants to eat a chocolate bunny. Or any other packaged goods.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ethan's 9th birthday!

We asked Ethan what he wanted for his birthday and he said he wanted to go to Legoland Discovery Center. So that's just what we did. We had a great time!

Waiting in line to get in...

Playing with Legos waiting to get in the factory..


Ethan getting to help in the factory.

The 4-D movies were my favorite part!!!

(Heidi was unsure if she liked wearing the glasses)

The girls singing karaoke.

Fun Lego figures to sit on.

You can build cars and race them down three different tracks. The boys loved it! Heidi, too!

Attractions from the DFW area all made out of Legos.


Dallas and cowboys stadium at night. The lights go in and out like day and night. Really cool. And there was a fireworks show on the wall. The models are interactive. Very fun.

Great wolf lodge. Our favorite :)

Megan in the play area. It was huge and the kids had a blast in there.

There were also two fun rides and a cool place to build Lego towers that you could test with an earthquake simulator.

Finally time to leave. Almost made it out without a meltdown. Almost.

Happy birthday, Ethan. We hope your birthday was awesome!!!