Friday, November 27, 2009

the cleanest laundry room EVER!

I got the HUGE bottle of he liquid Tide, the kind that lays on its side and you can use a spout to get out the soap... I just opened it today. I did ONE load of laundry. I set it up on top of my washer and left the laundry room while the wash was going. A little while later I was outside with my mom and the kids came running out and said there was blue stuff all over the floor of the bathroom and the phone was in it. My first thought was, where is my iphone! The next thought was, hmmm, it must be some comet or something. I came inside to investigate and there was nothing on the bathroom floor. As I walked out, I saw the laundry room hidden beneath a sea of Tide. Holy crap. I froze. What do I do? That stuff is expensive!!! I got my dust pan and a Pampered Chef scraper and the glass mixing bowl and I got to work. Look how much I saved!!!!!!!

I can't believe it. The washer must have gotten off balance and the Tide fell off and busted. Lesson learned. The good news is I now have the cleanest laundry room floor EVER!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

12 MONTHS and my COWBOY!

Heidi is one. There, I said it. I guess it is true. My baby is one. She is the cutest one year old ever. She makes everyone in our home smile all the time. Everyone loves to watch her do new stuff. Here are some new things she has done...

*CLIMB. On everything. She climbs up the kitchen stool. On top of this big block toy. On chairs. On the couch. I can't believe her. We have to really watch her and be carefull.

*Boy does she love the toilet. If the kids' bathroom door is open, she makes a bee line right to it. She is pretty fast, too. The other day I thought Megan had taken her outside and I let my guard down a little and then I heard splashing. She was having the BEST time playing in the toilet. I am just glad the last person in there flushed.

*WALK! She is walking everywhere. A week or so before her birthday she started walking. She loves it. I could tell how proud she was of herself when she figured it out and how determined she was to do it.

*She is starting to understand prayer. I love it! When we kneel together each night she at first started becoming still and quiet in my arms during the prayer and now she likes to sit next to me on the floor and she semi folds her arms. It is the cutest thing.

*KISSES! She has started giving kisses. This is the milestone I look forward to the very most when my babies are born. There is nothing better. Although, she always shakes her head no at me when I ask her for a kiss.

*She is a smartypants. Last night Jared got her some pajama pants and she saw him coming from across the room and she held out her leg! It was so funny! She is adorable! She does things like that a lot, it's so cool to see her understandingness. Is that a word?

*She has 6 whole teeth now. I think I saw a molar coming in back there, barely.

*Still working on the hair. It is getting thicker and longer... in the back.. We need some on top, Heidi!!

Here is a video of Heidi and Papa...


Ethan just finished his first season of organized sports. He played flag football for the Cowboys. He learned a lot and I think if he keeps working he might get the hang of it. He spent a lot of time on the sidelines. I actually never got to see him play. I am not real happy about that. I did see him have fun being part of a team. He had a great time! He is one cool kid.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and the little pumpkin turns ONE!!!

Oh how I love Halloween! It's my most favorite holiday. I love fall, the crisp cool air, the changing colors of the leaves. I am so excited I got to have a baby on Halloween. It is so fun to celebrate!

Decorating on Family Night...

bats, idea from good ole martha!

Jared putting up the decorations.

Our Family Night Treat

We put up lots of decorations, but I didn't really take any pictures. We had a fog machine, spider webs and spiders, and awesome spooky eyes glowing from our big arch window. So fun!

Halloween Night Feast!

Josie, Michael, Ahren, and Mason came over for dinner before trick-or-treating. We had....

Mummy Hotdogs and Spooky Broccoli Salad and Homemade Salsa and chips

And a cute pumpkin PIZZA from Papa Murphy's

We also had a yummy bloody punch that had an ice face floating in it, but I couldn't really get a good picture or it.

The Trick-or-Treaters...
Goth Claire, Princess Heidi, 80's Megan, Cowgirl Keldi, Officer Christian, Scooby Ahren, and Snow White Jaeli

Notice who is not in the picture... Ethan left and went trick-or-treating all by himself. Heather, Jen, and Jared all split up and ran up and down the street to find him. It was a little crazy for a while. He was found and said he told Jared he was leaving. Hmmm. Mason and Braeson went on their own, too.

While trick-or-treating, Megan had a blister pop on her foot and she bled everywhere and Keldi trick-or-treated for a bandaid! Love it!

Josie and her sweet Mason. He is so cute! He was a scarecrow and he wore a cute pumpkin hat that I made! I love that baby!

Heidi the princess. She was so regal and beautiful!


Heidi didn't really know what to do, so she had lots of helpers :)

So many fun things! After she opened the first gift, she really wanted to play with it, but Jared had to get it out of the box. Heidi was about to get upset until another gift was placed in front of her.

Love Megan's hair, those were the days!

There's Ethan! Batman Ethan, that is :) Heidi loved the baby bottle I got her to feed the baby doll Nanny and Papa got her.

Tea anyone???

Time for cake! Happy Birthday, Heidi!


Let's have cake on top of all that Halloween candy! Next year I think I might make her a veggie tray LOL :)

Jen is so cute! Mason the ghost and pretty Heather. Oh, there's Jared, too.

Time for a bath, PEACE OUT! LOL