Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did that really just happen? Really?

Jared came to get us to go out for lunch today. He wanted to go somewhere fast and cheap. He chose Schlotzsky's. I love that place. I don't love going to fast food places for lunch, during lunch hour, with 4 kids. I just don't like it. There isn't ever a place to fit all my family. There might be 6 chairs open in the restaurant, but none near each other. I really hate trying to figure it all out with all the drinks, the food, the kids running around, and all the people staring at us. OK, maybe no one really stares. Today they did.

We get to the restaurant and walk in. I immediately scan for a table to fit us all. There is a table for 4 empty and a few scattered 2-person tables. Crap. Well, ok, Jared is with me so I don't have to do this alone. We order our food and get the cups and I suggest we go try to figure out our sitting arrangement before we get drinks. We head to the 4 person table and there are no other tables near it to spread us all out. Jared grabbed a high chair for Heidi and we CRAM ourselves around this tiny table. I knew this would happen. The nice lady at the table next to us offered up an empty chair so two kids wouldn't be sharing a chair. Six of us crowded around a little square table. Not fun. The people in a 4 person table next to us left. THANK HEAVEN! We started moving the kids to the other table and I left to get them drinks. While I was at the fountain, our number was called. I look at Jared and he is on the phone not paying attention. So I went to get what I could carry and a guy helped me carry the rest. Upon getting to the table we set out the food and I gave the kids their stuff and went to get lids for the kids drinks (the ones who got their own drinks). I came back to my sandwich laying on the floor. I asked WHAT HAPPENED!!! Jared answered... Your daughter. Thanks Heidi. Thanks. Jared picked it up off the floor and left to get me another. He made sure his sandwich was out of reach. I was begging Christian to give me some of his pizza to give to Heidi when I saw another sandwich meet the floor out of the corner of my eye. Jared's sandwich bit the dust. I just buried my face in my hands in disbelief as I heard both gasps and laughter from the crowd around us. Crap. I got up and walked over to Jared who was getting his drink and I told him about his sandwich. He was flabbergasted. He had put his sandwich out of her reach! She is just too good. The onlookers were having a great time watching our lunch time freak show. The nice lady who gave us a chair loved the entertainment. She told me so. I was crying and laughing at the same time and a nice grandma told me not to worry about it, that it would be easier in 40 years. Thanks. Jared had to go tell the cashier that yet another sandwich was thrown to the floor by his baby and needed another one. I wish I could have seen her face! When she brought his new sandwich, she said, "Here you go baby" like she was going to give it to Heidi. Jared said to Heidi that it was a good thing she was so young or she would have been in trouble. I heard the older couple next to us giggle when they heard this. I was a bright shade of red for almost the entire lunch. How embarassing! I told you people stare. I guess it doesn't help we give people reason to. In the end, we all got to eat, everyone was happy, and no more sandwiches hit the floor.

I learned a lot from lunch today...

I think I am officially done having kids.

And going to fast food restaurants during lunch hour.

And I probably won't ever go into that Schlotzsky's ever again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heidi... 9 months!

I went to get pics done with my friend, Josie, and her baby Mason. I was doubtful Heidi would do well taking pictures because she was kind of fussy and tired, but when the camera came out she really hammed it up!!!

My favorite!

Glamour Girl!

Don't let her angelic face fool you...

Sassy pants!

I love this one!

To see all the pictures click here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our new home...

Here are some pictures of the house we are going to buy. I took these during the inspection. We can't wait to move in! I am ready to get out of this hotel...

The front.

Close-up of the front.

Kitchen, stolen from the mls page online. (looks a lot like my old kitchen!)

Kitchen and dining.

Kitchen and you can see into the 2nd living area.

Entry and 2nd living with doors closed.

Living room with built in entertainment center. you can see to the master there...

Living room windows to backyard. Don't you love the stain glass stickers? ha ha ha!

View of bathroom from master bedroom.

Big shower with 2 shower heads and a seat to sit on! No tub though.

Master bedroom.

Laundry room. There is space on the right with a bar to hang clothes on. It is pretty decent.

Ethan and Christian's room.

Megan and Heidi's room. I hope they can be good little roommates!

Back of the house.

Backyard. Love it! Beyond the iron fence is our property, too. It is a dry creek. The kids will love going in there. I on the other hand don't like it much because there are tons of big bugs!!!

Stairs going down to the wooded area.

Looking down into the dry creek.

Cabana with outdoor kitchen.

The pool. It is awesome!

I love the waterfall!

I am glad it has a hot tub. We can use it all year!

Stairs and tanning ledge.

Better pic of ourdoor kitchen. I would call it more of a built in grill with a countertop and little fridge LOL! I love it!

We'll be having lots of backyard BBQs so everyone be ready to come over for swimming and food and FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to paint and decorate and post those pictures. We hope to move in soon!