Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween and Heidi's 2nd Birthday!

I love Heidi's birthday! I don't really love that she is getting bigger. I want her to stay a baby even though it is fun to celebrate the milestones!

Some things Heidi is doing lately...
Lots of copying!
Asking WHY???
Saying NO
Saying sorry and kissing owies
Causing owies
struggling to share
running away from me
talking A LOT!!
Being the SWEETEST little girl in the world!

I love this girl SOOOOOOO much!

I took some pictures before church...


Showing attitude!


Nanny and Papa came for a quick visit!

We had a monster meal with lots of friends before we went trick or treating...

Severed Toes

Troll Boogies

Troll Mouths

Coagulated Blood

Zombie Vomit

Mummy Scabs

Frog Eyes

Chicken Entrails Sandwiches

Goblin Toes, Phantom Phlegm, Frankenstein Bones

Monkey Brains!

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Halloween! Time for Trick or Treating!

My little Fairy!


Megan the ladybug and her sweet friends.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! And his friends the scarecrow and princess, and of course the cutest fairy in the world!

What a fun and exhausting day! We all had a blast! The kids also went to a trunk or treat at church while Jared and I were at SIX FLAGS! We had so much fun. I wanted to take pics of us there on the rides, but there were strick rules about not getting your phone out. Not that I could have anyway, I was too busy holding on and screaming for my life! It was a really fun date, and now I am wishing we would have gotten those season passes....

Life in the last 5 months...

It's been a while since I blogged. I have just not felt like doing it. Mom, this is for you :)

Megan moved up to level 6. She is doing well. Hoping for a great state meet coming up in Austin, TX!

First Day of SCHOOL!

Christian is in Pre-K

Megan is homeschooled and in FIFTH grade!

Ethan started 2nd grade!

Heidi started gymnastics and LOVES it. She loves her class and loves getting to see her big sister there. The older girls spoil her and take her in the big gym and play with her. I love that! It's fun to get to be up there for a while and see the amazing things Megan can do, too!

One day when I picked Christian up from school, we went to a park and had lunch with some friends. Almost everyday when I get him now, he asks if we are going to have a picnic! I guess we should go again :)

Going back further, we sure did enjoy our backyard and pool this summer!

Even further back, Ethan turned 7! He had a great birthday at school and at Chuck E Cheese's. We had a great time celebrating!

Heidi loves to paint her face and body. Sometimes it is markers, sometimes it is food. Almost everytime Heidi eats, she does something like this...

Ethan got to go to the Dr right before Halloween and the whole staff was dressed up! It was fun! Ethan has had a really hard time focusing at school and getting his work done and was falling way behind his classmates in reading and math. He had specialists helping him and one on one help with his teacher everyday. I went in for a conference and was shocked by how far behind he was. At the end of the conference, I asked her if she might think he had ADD, and she was so glad I said something. We talked about it and I went to his dr and got the paperwork. At this appt, his dr put him on the lowest dose of an extended release Ritalin. It is wonderful! His teacher is so excited for him and so are we. I can't wait to go in and talk to her next week!

* Ethan doesn't have any hyperness, just the attention part. Dr said it was an easy fix!

I recently got to meet BAKERELLA! It was so cool. I love her, she is so creative and artistic and genuine! It was great.