Friday, February 29, 2008

a few random things...

For Megan's valentine's day party at school we had a mailbox contest. This is what Megan and I made together. I think it is so cute!

When my grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary, I loved the cake. I wanted the recipe so I could make one for me and Jared. Well, I couldn't get the recipe. My grandparents came to visit us and brought this...

It is a cake made by the same lady! I was so surprised and excited. It took almost a week to eat the whole thing, but we managed lol!

It was Ethan's time to shine at preschool this week and we had to make a poster that was all about him to share with his class. This is what we made. I was proud! Click on it to see it bigger.

Why do kids get so messy? LOL Christian makes me laugh!

Monday, February 11, 2008

This is so cute!

I was looking at my videos on myspace and I found this one and it is so funny. I was checking to see if i can put those videos on blogger and it worked. YAY! i guess you have to turn off the music player to hear the video.

christian eating a milkshake.

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50th Wedding Anniversary!

This Friday is my Nanny and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary, but we had a surprise party for them last Saturday. We secretly flew my aunt in Wisconsin down for it. It was so exciting. My grandparents found out about my aunt being here, but they didn't know my family was coming or that there was actually a party for them so it was still super fun. My Nanny was teary-eyed when she saw the wonderful things prepared for them. Here is a slide show of the event. I didn't get pics of my mom, Gary, or Melinda. I hope someone else got them so I can get copies. This was a night to remember!