Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k

Last Saturday Megan and I ran our first 5k. Well, walked/jogged it anyway. It was SO fun! Heather came with us, too. It benefitted the Ronald McDonald house. I love that.

The start line when we first arrived.

Before we were bombed with colored cornstarch. Nice, clean white shirts!

Rebecca and I!!! It was so fun to see her there!

I love that Megan and I experienced this together!

The funnest part was seeing what all the cool racers were wearing. We heard that there were some guys wearing underwear and capes and when they walked by us, we had to take a picture!

The start line right when the race started. There were TONS of people there! It was so exciting!!!

After the race!

Throwing colors in celebration!

I really enjoyed this. I'm already signing up for the next 5k. This time I am going to train a little more and try to jog a little longer.