Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ethan rides his bike!

Ethan took his training wheels off on Saturday and practiced all day and he finally rode it!!!! He was preparing for his scout bike rally which was last night. He had SO much fun. He got lots of awards... 5 belt loops and his tiger badge :)

Ethan did so well!

Christian had fun, too!

Megan pushed Heidi around the whole time, so cute!

Megan ROCKS!

We had our last meet last weekend and Megan got first place all around! Woo hoo!

We also got to meet another gymnast named MEGAN WALTERS! How fun is that. Aren't they cuties???

Our team won SECOND place!

Here is her floor performance. You can see all her videos on my youtube channel.

Easter with Friends!

Easter Sunday we got to stay home and watch General Conference. We colored Easter eggs and got ready for our friends to come visit. Josie's family came for Easter Dinner. We had so much fun and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Coloring eggs...

The Peters' brought some cool baseball stuff. Ethan loved it!

Josie and Mason and Heidi


Michael batting

The littles

Getting ready for another egg hunt.

Every had fun hunting the eggs.

Megan :)

Ethan found a football egg.

Heidi was done hunting early and had fun with toys.

Mason had a good time hunting with mom.

Cutie Ahren found lots of eggs!

Easter with cousins and grandparents!

My mom and Gary brought my sister Amber's kids up for Easter. We had a really fun time and the kids loved playing together. It was great! Except when Maleah fell off the bunk bed and had to get 7 stitches.

The Easter bunny came!!!



Maleah (see her bandaged face?)

My boys

Heidi getting her yummies

Kite Flying

Waiting for the egg hunt...

Maleah found lots of eggs

Heidi was a great egg hunter! Maleah was so sweet!

Christian only picked up eggs that had something inside them. If it was empty, he threw it down!

Khalil found lots of eggs, too!

My sweet Ethan!

All the kids!

So fun getting to see cousins!