Monday, October 29, 2007

too cute!

This little guy is my precious, sweet baby. Looking at this picture makes me want to squeeze on him and never let go. Hard to imagine he is also the kid giving me gray hairs. Screaming at the top of his lungs to get his way, writing with marker on my brand new walls, destroying every room he walks into, brushing the toilets with all the toothbrushes, hitting, kicking, throwing toys... But then he smiles and says, "I want mommy" while daddy is holding him and I forget all those bad things, because he loves me best! LOL

our own adventure....

For our playgroup last wednesday we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch at a farm nearby and I really didn't want to go. I looked at the info sheet and it said it was $7/ person. I didn't want to pay that. It was going to be too hard to take 3 kids by myself and I was looking for any way out. Well, we didn't have the cash to go so I was relieved. There was my way out. Well, the little girl I babysit came that morning and her dad handed me a wad of cash and said here is your pay and 10 extra for the pumpkin patch. Well darn it, I guess it was meant to be. I decided to get excited about it and we all talked about how fun it would be to do the hayride, pick out a pumpkin and have a picnic lunch. We got everything ready and got in the car to go. Then I remembered my camera. So I turned around and went and got it. Now I am late. I was worried that the other moms might leave without me so I called one I just KNEW would be going. She said she wasn't going. CRAP! Then she told me everyone else she had talked to wasn't going either. CRAP! Well, I was half way there and the kids really wanted to go so I proceded as planned. When we got to the place there were a MILLION school buses... CRAP! I didn't bring the leashes to keep the kids connected to me. I will write about why we need a leash soon... So I walked in and see a friend. Whew! She tells me they won't let us in. WHAT?!?! You have to be with a school to get in during the week and have a reservation. OMG! I thought about pretending we were part of another preschool, but I don't think lying during a church playgroup would be a good idea LOL! The lady said we could take pictures around the pumpkins and buy one if we want. So that is what we did. Afterwards, we decided to go to a park to eat our picnic lunch. Everyone was hungry and excited. When we sat down at the table the wind blew so hard my huge bag almost blew off the table. There was no way we were going to get to eat outside. We went home. It wasn't a total dud. The kids liked their pumpkins and it was nice to be out of the house. Next year if we want to go to this place, we better have someone get us a reservation or something!!!

happy fall y'all!!

Ethan went on a fieldtrip with his preschool to a pumpkin patch. Jared went along to help out and drive the kids and he took lots of pics for me. The kids are posing so nice with the sun in their eyes with their teacher, Ms. Karen. She is super nice. The kids all had a great time. They went on a hayride, played with bubbles, picked out a pumpkin, and listened to stories a cute old man told.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

2016 olympic hopeful!

Megan is having the best time going to her gymnastic competitions. She just went to her third meet and she is doing really well! She didn't compete in the first competition because she just got the cast off her arm. She is getting her confidence back and getting so strong. Her best event is the floor. She has lots of power and precision. I am trying to get a video on here, so check back to see if I figured it out!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I have the heebie jeebies!!!

It is Halloween time and I am so excited. It is so fun to decorate, but I don't want to decorate my house with live spiders! We have killed a brown recluse on our front porch and a black widow on the back of our house. Today the little girl I babysit went outside onto the back porch and she came in real fast and said there was a big spider out there. I looked out there and sure enough, there was a huge spider on the wall. I thought it was a tarantula!! When Jared came home he looked at it and we took pictures of it and looked up tarantulas on the internet. This spider didn't look anything like any species of tarantula. So Jared thought maybe it could be a wolf spider. I looked up wolf spiders but they weren't fuzzy like the one on our wall. The head looked similar. I thought about it and I said maybe it was a mother with babies on her back. I found a link that said wolf spider with babies. It is the last picture in this blog. BINGO! That is what was on my wall! It is so creepy! We didn't know what to do. Of course I wanted it gone. My first instinct was to squash it. That was before I knew there were babies on its back. I just couldn't kill a mom with babies so I told Jared to catch it and take it off our property. He put it in a gladware container. Now, where should we take it???? I had an idea... Jared took it to Megan's school!!! How fun! The office ladies were grossed out and intrigued at the same time. I mean, how often do you encounter a huge spider with hundreds of babies on its back? The ladies said the 5th grade science teacher would love it. I am glad we found a good place for her. I just hope we don't see anymore spiders on our house. YUCK! The third picture down from here, Jared took looking down at the spider and if you enlarge it you can see the spider's eyes and some of the babies eyes! I keep getting the heebie jeebies! EWWW!!!