Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yesterday was Christian's reading restaurant. He was my waiter and was dressed up like waldo, the book character. I got a menu with different choices to order and he read me the poems or stories.

Then he brought me lemonade and cookies. So sweet! He was awarded the life skill of CURIOSITY because he asks a lot of questions about everything and looks for more information in encyclopedias, books, and the Internet in class. Smarty pants!

Here is Christian with Mrs. Smith. She is amazing!

And I got this CUTE picture of Heidi and Christian after the awards.

Ethan's awards were today. He is so sweet and smart. He worked really hard this year. He got a lot of awards. Here they are....

AB Honor Roll {I really think he would have had all A's if he didn't miss so much after his accident} So proud!

Gold Presidential education award for outstanding academic excellence!
{had to have a 90 or better overall in every subject}

Outstanding citizenship

Completion of 4th Grade! All the fourth graders!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Megan on pointe!

Megan started dance classes last fall and she fell in love. She really enjoys ballet and she was recently invited to begin ballet on pointe. She got her first shoes last Saturday. Here are some pics...
{Her invitation}

She tried on multiple shoes to find just the right pair!

Megan's friend Ruby. Thanks to her, Megan got her shoes!

Sewing the pointe shoes. A very important task!

All ready for class!