Monday, August 20, 2012

Megan's Hunger Games Party

Megan loves the Hunger Games. I have to admit, I HATED the idea of those books. I won the first book a couple years ago at bunco and I refused to read it. Barbaric!!!!! Then I got bored and read them. All 3 in three days. My house was in shambles and I had to lock myself in my room a few times while I was crying uncontrollably. I LOVED them!!!!

We had so much fun planning the party. We borrowed a bow and arrows and set up a blow dart station (PVC and mini marshmallows). We got the backyard ready to go and then the rains came. A lot of rain. And it didn't stop. So no swimming or archery. We brought the dart target inside. The girls enjoyed that and a match game about the districts and just talking and having fun. Then we watched the movie. It was AWESOME!!!!!!

Here are a few pics from the evening festivities.

The decorations. I loved making this. My favorite is the mockingjay. That was so fun. I think I will hang it in Megan's room.

Dart station outside...

Dart station inside...

I tried to make the food similar to the food the characters ate in the book. Chicken wings were rabbit legs and the cheeseball was like the goat cheese from Prim's goat. And we can't forget Peeta's bread! The desserts were fancy treats like the Capitol served. We also had fruit cornucopias.

The rose cake. I am so amazed I made this and it was so easy!!!!

She loves the birthday song!!!

Blowing out 12 candles. I can't believe my baby girl is getting so mature and growing up into such a beautiful young woman.

The girls watching the movie!

Everyone blowing marshmallows at each other!!!!

Party favors

I'm so glad Megan has such sweet friends and that they came to celebrate with her. I love her so much. She amazes me everyday.