Friday, June 26, 2009

Nie's birthday

If you don't know Stephanie Clark Nielson (NieNie) check out her blog here . I wish I could go to Provo and get some vanNIElla squared cupcakes (named for her!) at The Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery. All proceeds from the purchase of those cupcakes go to the Nie Recovery Fund. There is also a place to donate money to this fund. Go here for information. Scroll through the post and you will see that if you email Brooke with your donation amount and email address she will email you back the recipe for NieNie's birthday cupcake. I had to do it, I love NieNie and I love cupcakes and since Provo is a little far for me to drive and overnighting cupcakes from UT to TX would be crazy expensive, making a donation was the best way to show my support.

All you lucky people in Utah, I hope you can go to this bakery! It looks amazing!

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