Friday, April 17, 2009

AFV material???

We love to watch AFV every Sunday night as a family and we always wish we had a video to send to the show. So I am trying to capture the right thing on video to try to win some money, or even just having it on the show would be cool. Megan asked me what Heidi's food tasted like and I told her I would give her a dollar if she tasted it. She agreed so I ran to get my camera just in case it ended up being AFV worthy. Then Ethan wanted a dollar, too, so we had him do it. I was feeding Heidi prunes and she made the awfullest (is that a word?) face and I turned on the camera and she didn't make the face again, but it was still funny. Are any of these worthy of AFV?




I love it when Heidi sucks on her lip. Christian didn't want to participate... too bad.


Barnecked Lady said...

Ha! My kids always beg to be on that show, every sunday they want to get the video camera and make funny videos. Your kids are brave to try it I don't think mine ever would. I love all the giggling and laughter it's great!

Lorren said...

I love that show! My internet is too slow to watch the videos, though. I'm sure they were so cute!!