Friday, February 20, 2009

Young love

Megan came home from her Valentine party at school with a very special Valentine... from a BOY! It was a BIG pink stuffed bear, a HUGE chocolate heart, and a musical card. He called Megan over to him and said he had something special for her and gave her the gift. It was in a bag. He asked her when she was going to open it and she said on the way home (she didn't want anyone to feel bad because they didn't get a special gift. I think he was disappointed.) Jared was at the party with her and the boy told Megan he hoped her dad doesn't kill him. LOL Then he talked to her a lot and told her how much he loved her project and that if he was the principal he would give her an A on it. I asked Megan if she liked him. She said no. Heartbreaker. Poor guy. She did carry the bear around all weekend and took it with her when we went out of town. I told Megan she had to write him a thank you note. I mean, he must really like her. He got his mom to take him shopping for her! He would give her an A!!! So I got a chocolate bar for him and wrapped it in cute designer paper and attached a thank you tag and she wrote a little letter and we stuck it to the back. She gave it to him. He asked her to sit with him for lunch. She said no. Poor guy. I love this little innocent exchange. What a sweet boy, if he keeps this up he is going to make a woman very happy later in life.

I wanted to wait to post this until I had some pictures, but Megan left her gift at our friends' house out of town and I don't know when I can get it back. I asked Megan why she didn't sit with him for lunch and she said she didn't want to be the only girl there. So funny. She said she likes him as a friend and I told her that is the only kind of liking of boys she can do right now. I love kids getting older. It is so fun to see them grow and experience new things.

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bknmkalhyland said...

That really is cute! I love Megan's reaction-very 3rd grade. It's perfect!!