Friday, May 23, 2008

Hink Pinks

Megan brought home this little activity from school and it was fun trying to get all the answers. See how you do. I got 8 of them....

Hink pinks are fun rhyming word riddles. The answer to the riddle is a pair of words that rhyme with each other. For example: Large Feline would be Fat Cat.

1. smart award
2. sodium safe
3. solar enjoyment
4. serpent dessert
5. sea lion cry
6. large boat suggestion
7. silent fighting
8. skinny adolescent
9. sniff great
10. salmon plate

have fun and let me know how you do!


heartlandfamily said...

I can only figure out 5 of the 10 and it is bugging me :) Post the answers PLEASE!

Barnecked Lady said...

i think im retarded!

Barnecked Lady said...

wait i looked again and got more woohooo!

Cindy said...

Yeah...I suck. I can't figure out any of them. Its makin my brain hurt Melissa!!!