Monday, May 5, 2008

Ethan's thoughts

Friday we had some scary weather and the tornado alarms went off. I got blankets and piled the kids in the closet and I watched out the window. Ethan came out of the closet and asked me, "Is a volcano coming, mom?" I laughed so hard. It was a great comic relief in a stressful situation.

My friend, Heather, came to visit Friday and she brought my kids these little rubbery toys that you put in water and they grow. Ethan picked the dinosaur one. Heather told him that the next day when he looked at it, it would be bigger and even bigger the next day. Later Ethan asked me if dinosaurs were mean. I told him that some were mean. Then he said really worried, "I don't want my dinosaur to grow!" I told him it wouldn't grow that big and then he said in a very disappointed way, "But I want to ride on its back!" So funny the way kids think.

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Barnecked Lady said...

lol. omgosh that kid is so funny! i love it!