Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day from Ethan

Ethan brought home a present from preschool that he made me for mother's day. It was a cute wooden frame he decorated and inside is the picture here. Along with the gift was a card. Here is what it said inside...

Happy Mother's Day

My mother's name is Melissa.
My mother is 6 years old.
My mother has brown hair.
My mother weighs 6 pounds. (LOL not even at birth)

My mother's favorite...
television show: Spiderman
store: walmart
color: pink
food: crabby patty
drink: orange soda
place to eat: chick-fil-a

If I could buy my mom anything in the whole, wide world for mother's day, I would buy her an orange soda.

I love you, Mom!!! ETHAN

LOL I was cracking up. He got a few things right. I am saving this forever. He is such a fun kid to have.


Lorren said...

How cute. I love the things they bring home.

Barnecked Lady said...

so cute! My kids always would say i have yellow and brown striped hair. lol.