Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Walmart Weirdos

Story 1

It seems like everytime I go to Walmart lately, I have a bad experience. A few weeks ago I had a cart full of groceries and I was walking down the front of the store looking for the shortest checkout line, with all 3 kids I might add. I found one, there were only 2 people in line so I got in behind them. The man finished checking out and the lady moved forward and there was room for me to start putting my groceries on the thing. I hear her say really loud, "HOLY S#!%" and I looked at her all crazy. She was all ticked off that the guy in front of her had all these groceries and didn't buy any tobacco. You know, some Walmarts have the one ailse you can buy tobacco. Well, I was in that line. She went on and on how she hated people who went in that lane and didn't buy tobacco. I was getting madder and madder. First she swears in front of my kids and then she hates me! LOL When she finally goes to pay, she gets out 3 gift cards and makes the cashier check the balance on them all. It took like 10 minutes for her just to pay. I was trying to think of anything witty to say to her, but I couldn't. I thought of a lot in the car though LOL!

Story 2
I was walking up to Walmart with my 3 kids. I was holding Ethan's hand and Megan was holding Christian's hand. We were in the MIDDLE of the pedestrian crossing in front of the store when this truck speeds by missing us by a couple of feet. OMG! I threw my arms up at the stupid lady and stared her down. She stared back. I could not believe she did that. She totally could have hit Christian if he decided to jerk away from Megan and run up ahead of us like he has done in the past. I was SOOOO mad!

Story 3
This happened the same day as story 2. I only needed a couple things so it was a quick trip. I was excited to use the 20 items or less lane which I hardly ever get to do. The cashier was halfway done checking my stuff out. There were 2 people behind me with 10-20 items in their carts. This lady walks up to my cashier and looks at her. The cashier says, can I help you. The lady says, "I thought this was the fast checkout lane." and she looks at my stuff. I looked at her and I said very snottylike "Ya, it is, it's TWENTY items or less" and I pointed to the sign. She walked off kinda pissy. I looked at my receipt and it said at the bottom, 16 items. That (*&^#@$&!!!! In your face lady, get some patience!

Story 4
This happened last night. It is the FUNNIEST one, but still falls under walmart weirdos. I was looking at some wii games, just looking, and Ethan was playing the sample DS game sitting there. Christian was a little on edge. If any of you know Chrisitan or have heard me talk about him, you know he can let off blood-curdling screams for no real reason or if the slightest thing goes wrong. Very annoying. But anyway, all of a sudden he screams at the top of his lungs. Why? because Ethan touched the cart. I told him to hush. Out of no where this guy bolts over to me from another ailse all concerned and asked if everything is ok because it sounded like someone got hurt real bad. I am thinking, aw what a thoughtful guy, that could have been helpful if something really was wrong. I told him, no, nothing was wrong, my 2 year old often screams when something doesn't go his way. He looked aggitated. Then he said, well, I have a 4 year old and he has never screamed like that. Then he said, You need to tell him that Santa doesn't bring toys to screamers. He walked off all pissy. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL What the crap??? First of all it isn't Christmas anymore and I don't think any kid would care about that right now and second of all, he is freakin 2, he doen't even know who the crap Santa is! I was laughing so hard inside my head about that. What a dork!


Barnecked Lady said...

LOL...So the weirdos aren't just in Plano they are at every Walmart. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm really starting to wonder about this world. There are idiots everywhere.

Lorren said...

Funny stories. You never know what you're going to get at Wal Mart.