Friday, January 8, 2010

Catching up....

I haven't been blogging lately. I guess I am just having too much fun reading everyone else's blogs... But we have been busy having fun around my house and I want to put all my pics up.


Way back in November we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Nanny and Papa and Rena and TJ. It was so nice and relaxing and the food was to die for. I love anything my nanny cooks and she made almost everything LOL!

Jared and I

Nanny and Megan

Heidi eating her first Thanksgiving meal... last year she was only 3 weeks old!!!

TJ and Papa

Christian and Ethan. They really liked using the glasses and having sparkling juice!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We bought a new tree this year because our old one was too big for our new house and frankly, it was starting to look like crap. We got this one at a bargain price of $35 bucks at wally world. We couldn't find any of our special ornaments this year OR my awesome crocheted stockings that I made. I packed them special and didn't put them with the rest of the Christmas stuff and then the movers packed them also and we don't know where they are. I hope we will find them next year.

Jared and Heidiboo

Megan, Christian, and Ethan

All done (Heidi went to bed)

Since I couldn't find my sentimental Christmas things, I really had a hard time getting into the spirit of things. We were supposed to go to Utah for Christmas and we were so excited, but Jared wasn't able to get off work and ended up being gone a lot before Christmas and after. I was glad he was home for the important days though. We were really disappointed about not getting to go. Maybe next time. We have lots of Christmastime traditions we do every year and I didn't do any of them except out advent calendars and tree. I hope next year we can get back into the swing of things.


I didn't take any pictures of any of our Christmas activities, but I got some of us in the snow.

Out our front door Christmas Day

The Backyard

The kids on the trampoline.

Christmas Present Fun

We got some cool presents from Santa. Megan got a balance beam and Heidi got a little kitchen just her size. Christian got a little red bike and we had to take it out in the snow for a test drive Christmas morning.

Christan riding his bike

We really LOVE the Christmas Story movie and we watched it a million times. Santa brought Ethan a Red Ryder official 200 shot BB gun. It is so fun to shoot!

A lesson in gun safety. Don't want to shoot your eye out!

Learning how to hold it and shoot!

Squinting the WRONG eye LOL!!!

I have lots more! I will save that for another day. :)

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